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About Us

Unique decore, great landscape, fantastic food and best entertainment!

The Stage is created by friends for friends; we trust you’ll become one soon. We have created a place where we would want to come to relax, to spend quality time with our families and friends. We have created a place where we would want to meet our business partners for a cup of coffee or a delectable meal. We have created a place to enjoy cutting-edge performances and shows; a place to have a chance encounter with interesting people, or just spend a few minutes alone, while sipping an espresso or a glass of delicious wine. With movie screenings, plays, performances of outstanding artists and exhibitions, we've created the perfect stage where you can be entertained and be yourself. Our creative chef and co-owner will ensure that we always entertain your taste buds, as well. We hope you’ll join us in making The Stage, this little corner of our city, a place where you’re always home.

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